Mailchimp is best known as an email marketing platform—hence its name—but in recent years the company has aggressively expanded into other marketing offerings for small businesses. It’s introduced everything from snail mail

Now the Atlanta company is rolling out additional tools to help customers reach their audiences wherever they may be. That includes a customer relationship management tool that will offer data-driven recommendations on how best to target new and existing customers, and a new website-building platform.

[Photo: courtesy of MailChimp]
While the company already hosts basic landing pages visitors can click to from an email marketing campaign, the new website builder will launch in a beta version with domain name registration and simple templates that businesses can use to craft full-blown sites. A revamped Mailchimp home page will offer users automated insights on their audiences and tips on how to bring them to those new websites or other destinations, says Darcy Kurtz, Mailchimp’s vice president of product marketing.

“People don’t just come to your website just because you built it,” she says.

The service will also offer new data on customers’ lifetime value to a business, using formulas that Mailchimp already uses internally, Kurtz says.

The company is also rolling out new tools to manage social media posts and ads as it looks to offer its users a unified platform to reach their customers. In addition, users will be able to use Mailchimp to post retargeting ads that seek to reach people who’ve already interacted with a businesses, on Facebook and Instagram, Kurtz says.

[Image: courtesy of Mailchimp]
Retooled pricing plans will emphasize access to Mailchimp’s services beyond email, although existing customers can stay on their current plans if they wish.